My name is Fabien Madeleine. I am the founder, owner, and tattoo artist at Malefic Tattoos. I run the shop myself along with my friend, resident body piercer, Brandy Kroll.


I have over twenty years of experience as a tattoo artist. I started Malefic Tattoos in 1992 when tattooing and body piercing wasn't yet as fashionable or accepted as it has become today.


I've had a love for art and tattoos since I was very young. I actually got my first tattoo at the ripe old age of 12! (Yeah, I know. My dad took me. Maybe not the best idea, but I think it was destiny.)


I specialize in custom work, realism, and portraits, in black and grey or colour. I frequently work as a guest artist in tattoo shops in Paris, France, and Quebec, and participate in tattoo conventions both local and abroad.


No matter what the tattoo, big or small, I still know that to the person getting it, it's the most important tattoo in the world. This has always been my philosophy.


I'm thankful to all my friends and customers for your support and loyalty over the years.



A creative spirit with a life long love of art, Julia Madeleine began her tattoo career in 2000. She co-owned and operated Malefic Tattoos for fourteen years before opening Atomic Cherry Tattoo in June of 2014.


Julia is a versatile artist and skilled in more than one style, although her favourites are classic pin-up art and photo realism.


She also thrives on custom work, creating designs from concept to completion that are unique to the client. Her ultimate goal is her client’s happiness.

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